The hard truth: —most attempts to identify biomarkers in breath
have failed because of confounding variables.—


The strategy:

By analyzing breath on-line, many cross contamination and confounding variables linked to sampled handling are eliminated.
But this comes with a cost: the species of interest cannot be pre-concentrated. SUPER SESI is ideally tuned for this application.


How we solved this:


Breath Analysis in real time, First steps.

This application note describes the materials and the steps required to be ready for real-time breath analysis.

No. of species detected.

This application note shows the number of species that a SUPER SESI-QExactive Plus system is able to detect. This study used 100 exhalations from 3 subjects during 5 months.


Confounding factors and standardization procedures

This scientific poster (ASMS 2019) describes our study to evaluate sources of confounding variables and the strategies to mitigate them.
This study is described in more detail in Anal. and Bioanal. Chem., Jul 2019, Standardization procedures for real-time breath analysis […]


Detecting low volatility species in the gas phase

Without pre-concentration, relevant metabolites are very diluted, and hard to detect. This poster (ASMS 2019) describes the strategies implemented in SUPER SESI to make them visible.


more Scientific resources:

The field of breath analysis research is very extensive, with several groups working on it. Some areas of interest include:

  • Bio-marker research in Pulmonology & Gastroenterology.

    • Breath comes from the respiratory system, and it is in contact with the oral cavity. It is rich in lung and gastric metabolites.

    • Some lung problems which could greatly benefit from a breath diagnosis protocol: Pneumonia, TB, COPD, Asthma, Lung Cancer…

  • Bio-markers research of VOCs in blood. The lung exchanges chemical species between blood and breath very efficiently, thus providing access the bloodstream, and the entire body.

  • Pharmaco-kinetics. SUPER SESI allows for the analysis of multiple exhalations, causing no discomfort.

>> view more scientific resources


Real-time drug metabolism

Biomarker discovery

Biomarker discovery.jpeg

The field is open for you to explore

What would you use it for?




A basic breath research plan aimed at the discovery of new breath biomarkers can be categorized as Clinical Study.

We have prepared a free guide to help you write the corresponding Clinical Study Protocol to include SUPER SESI.

  • Including all instrument related information that is relevant to the preparation of your 'Clinical Study protocol'. 

  • Adapted from 42 CFR Part 11.