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online breath analysis,

Standardized Exhalation conditions



Lung dynamics, and its impact on the emission of different species, is extremely complex, and not known in detail. It is a common consensus among the scientific breath research community, that standardizing the exhalation conditions is an essential step to eliminate an known source of potential confounding factors.

what is exhalion?

  • EXHALION collects the flow exhaled by the person trough a disposable spirometer antibacterial filter, and measures the exhaled flow and CO2 concetration.

  • For hygiene, EXHALION is autoclave-able, and made of inert materials.

  • For a safe operation, EXHALION is fully passive. It does not incorporate any part with electric power of active heating.



Flow & Co2 Measurement.

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EXHALION features a display to view real time measurements of exhaled flow and CO2 concentrations. It is programmed to allow an easy extraction of measured data via an USB.



The inlet of SUPER SESI is very hot, while the mouth-piece stais at room temperature. This creates a temperature gradient inside EXHALION.
As a result, EXHALION can be prone to contamination. For this reason, EXHALION is designed to reduce contamination.

  • It can be easily disassembled, immersed in solvents, and cleaned.

  • It is compatible with standard spirometer antibacterial filters.

  • EXHALION incorporates a secondary exhaust to pass a continuous flow of gas comming from SUPER SESI. When not analyzing, EXHALION and SUPER SESI are constantly self cleaning with clean gas.



The hygiene of the volunteers that provide their breath is extremely important. EXHALION is autoclave-able, and it is entirelly made of passive components.


breath analysis



EXHALION standardizes online breath analysis with SUPER SESI.

The field of breath analysis research is very extensive, with several groups working on it. Some areas of interest include:

  • Bio-marker research in Pulmonology & Gastroenterology.

    • Breath comes from the respiratory system, and it is in contact with the oral cavity. It is rich in of lung and gastric metabolites.

    • Some lung problems which could greatly benefit from a breath diagnosis protocol: Pneumonia, TB, COPD, Asthma, Lung Cancer, etcetera

  • Bio-markers research of VOCs in blood. The lung exchanges chemical species between blood and breath very efficiently, thus providing access the bloodstream, and the entire body.

  • Human metabolomics.

  • Pharmaco-kinetics. Breath is a non invasive. SUPER SESI allows for the analysis of multiple exhalations without causing any discomfort to the subject. This greatly facilitates the pharmacologic profiling.