SUPER SESI is designed is to ensure that you can easily
get started even if you are new to the field.

we will accompany you all along the way

Full technical service


To ensure that you get a smooth start,
we provide:

  • INSTALLATION. A service engineer installs SUPER SESI at your facilities and checks that it operates normally.

  • TRAINING. After installation, we provide training on-site.

  • TECHNICAL SERVICE. All FIT's products are provided with full technical support for two years. If you experience any problems once the installation is completed, please contact us and our technical support will assist you within 24 hours.

  • WARRANTY. During the warranty period (2 years in the EU) reparation service and spare parts will be provided.


Before you use Super sesi

1. Identify IF SUPER SESI IS useful for you

  • SUPER SESI is ideal for online analysis and for other applications requiring a real-time analysis of metabolites in the vapor phase.

  • We can share our experience to help you evaluate whether SUPER SESI can be useful in your research or you may opt for other solutions.

2. Define your research methodology

  • We can help you to define your research protocols, what to expect from SUPER SESI. Research is a risky endeavor. Contact us and let us help you eliminate unnecessary risks.


  • We want to know about you and your research.