the Highest sensitivity and selectivity instruments for Molecular analysis of breath

breath biomarker discoverY, Real-time in-vivo metabolomics


Featured Publication

Breath biomarker identification and validation workflow: Translating SESI-HRMS to the clinical environment (Journal of Breath Research, February 2018)

We have worked on SESI and breath analysis for more than ten years. This paper summarizes our experience, and describes the standardized methodology for online breath analysis with SESI-MS. Key aspects such as sample integrity, compound identification, quantification and validation, and their impact on the reliability of the final results are discussed.

 Featured use case

Successful biomarker identification of COPD with SESI-MS, by ETH-Zurich & Zurich University Hospital: Method of detecing COPD by mass spectrometry (WIPO, January 2018)

This patent provides a method for the medical diagnosis of COPD patients and Acute Exacerbation COPD patients. The biomarkers described in this patent were identified with SESI-MS.


SUPER SESI: High efficiency Ionization
for mass spectrometry detection of relevant biomarkers in breath

SUPER SESI is the result of several years of research and product development, culminating with the CE marking and commercial release of the first model in 2017. SUPER SESI is constantly evolving, to integrate lessons learned by scientists and engineers. 
Our goal is to serve clinical research community, so that large metabolites with low volatility can be routinely detected and analyzed in real time. SUPER SESI is built to enable online ionization of low volatility metabolites. Thanks to its superior ionization efficiency, SUPER SESI meets the requirements that make exhaled volatile organic carbon compunds analysis a reality today.


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data quality monitoring and breath data processing

ARIADNE is a free, post-processing service developed for SUPER SESI researchers. It provides an intelligent analysis of the spectra, builds a history record, identifies suspicious trends and automatically monitors the background levels. The ultimate goal of ARIADNE is to clear the path so that you can concentrate on high added value aspects of breath research, such as compound identification, pattern recognition and biomarker discovery.