On-line Detection of Human Skin Vapors

On-line Detection of Human Skin Vapors

P. M-L Sinues, J. F. de la Mora

On-line Detection of Human Skin Vapors.png


Vapors released by the skin in the hand of one human subject are detected in real time by sampling them directly from the ambient gas surrounding the hand, ionizing them by secondary electrospray ionization (SESI, via contact with the charged cloud from an electrospray source), and analyzing them in a mass spectrometer with an atmospheric pressure source (API-MS).

This gas-phase approach is complementary to alternative on-line surface ionization methods such as DESI and DART. A dominating peak of lactic acid and a complete series of saturated and singly unsaturated fatty acids (C12 to C18) are observed, in accordance with previous off-line studies by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Several other metabolites have been identified, including ketomonocarboxylic and hydroxymonocarboxylic acids.

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