FIT quality commitment

FIT was created by scientists and engineers
to serve scientists

Our goal is to become your technology partner. We are committed to increase the impact of your research with a technology that can be seamlessly integrated in your workflow.
For this, our customer support policy is designed to ensure that you can easily get started even if you are new to the field.

customer SUPPORT


SUPER SESI will be installed by a service engineer at the facilities specified by the customer.

After installation, training on the usage of the SUPER SESI will be provided. The training package includes:

- Fundamentals of SESI ionization and its applications
- Operation of the SUPER SESI

Technical service:
Once the installation is completed, technical support will be provided via email, telephone, and skype. The purpose of this technical support is to help the user obtain the best performance out of the instrument. In the event that the system malfunctions under normal conditions during the warranty period, FIT will provide the most convenient way to fix the SUPER SESI as soon as possible.

- FIT and the customer will do their best to identify the problem via email or telephone
- Spare parts or replacements that may be required will be provided free of charge
- If required, a service engineer will visit the customer to fix the problem


A sharp silica capillary is used to control the flow of liquid into the electrospray and to form the electrospray. These capillaries usually need to be replaced once per month. SUPER SESI is delivered with five capillaries. Extra capillaries are to be purchased separately.