Maintaining the technical superiority requires a constant effort to improve performance.

Our customers are highly skilled specialist that provide very valuable feedback. This feedback is the start-point of our research efforts.

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Ionization mechanism, and the role of humidity

Better understanding the SESI ionization mechanism in different conditions is key to improve linearity. Humidity plays a very important role in the ionization, but quantification is still. SUPER SESI incorporates a water inlet and a steam generator to control the humidity level within the ionizer. The short term goal is to find a set of operational conditions that provide the best signal stability. The ultimate goal is to enable quantitative analysis. 

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better numerical methods for better designs

Full simulation of the gases and the ions and their interaction. Our unique model simulates the charge transfer, and the momentum transfer between the ions and the neutral molecules. The momentum transfer produces a toroidal vortex that dominates the ionization region. This vortex is key to optimize the ionization region. The internal geometry of SUPER SESI stabilizes this vortex to maintain a stable flow configuration over a wide range of flows. This specially important at very low flow rates.

DynaSAMPLER is an ongoing development that aims at providing a fine control of the humidity and the ionization conditions when SUPER SESI is uses for heaspace analysis of cell cultures and other samples fitting in a flask or similar container. This system will be ideal for the analysis of kinematic processes in real time.