Alfredo J. Ibañez


Leader of the Max Planck - PUCP partner research group, and Director of the core facility for omics research and applied biotechnology (ICOBA) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).

His research interests, are the development of biological analysis using mass spectrometry, and applied research in the field of biology (in particular metabolomics and proteomics).His focuses on (i) dissecting biological processes associated with metabolic adaptation mechanisms to stress, (ii) testing of analytical instrumentation, and (iii) the monitoring of volatile compounds for clinical and industrial applications. Furthermore, and since his arrival to the ICOBA, he has started joint projects focused on monitoring plant volatile species associated with their defense to pathogens, as well as analytical instrumentation to monitor and to perform quality control of industrial processes (e.g., bioreactors for the production of alcohol, or post-harvest contamination).