We are indebted to all scientists involved in molecular breath analysis and breath research that have contributed to the development of SUPER SESI. The trust, support, and feedback of the scientists using SUPER SESI has been essential to commence this development and to continuously improve it.

To all of them we say thank you!

SUPER SESI builds upon the work of many talented peopple who have worked in this field before us. We hope to empower a strong and vibrant scientific community.

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Pablo M-L Sinues

Assistant Professor at the University of Basel (Department of Biomedical Engineering), and principal investigator of the Research Network Zurich Exhalomics

Sinues has co-authored > 40 peer-reviewed papers covering fields ranging from engineering to medicine, holds 2 patents, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Breath Research. Sinues is a chemist, and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He performed his doctoral research in Madrid and at Yale University in the former lab of Prof. John B. Fenn (Nobel Prize winner in 2002). Between 2011 and 2017, PML worked at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) as a senior scientist to deploy mass-spectrometric methods for the real-time analysis of trace gases in collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich. 

Sinues is a pioneer of SESI technology. He established the fundamental mechanistic studies that today allow us to understand SESI ionization mechanism. More importantly, Sinues pioneered and established SESI-MS as a technique for breath research. His proactive role in the definition of SUPER SESI and its requirements has been essential.

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Alexander Moeller

PD PD Dr. med., and  Chief Pulmonology Physician at the Children University Hospital of Zurich (Zurich Kinderspital).

Moeller provided extremely valuable insights on the use of breath research in the clinical environment, and the dynamics of the lung, which are essential when the lungs and the SUPER SESI operate as a coupled fluid mechanical system.


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Tobias Bruderer

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Analytical Chemistry (University of Geneva), with focus on advanced mass spectrometry in bioanalysis and metabolomics.

Bruderer is a researcher at ETH-Zurich and leads the breath researchlaboratory at the Children University Hospital of Zurich (Zurich Kinderspital). Bruderer has been an early adopter of SUPER SESI, and has participated in the development of the SUPER SESI for Sciex. Many of the improvements implemented in the new generation of SUPER SESI have been implemented in response to the requirements identified by TB.

Alfredo J. Ibañez con marco v2.png

Alfredo J. Ibanez

Leader of the Max Planck - PUCP partner research group, and Director of the core facility for omics research and applied biotechnology (ICOBA) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).

His research interests, are the development of biological analysis using mass spectrometry, and applied research in the field of biology (in particular metabolomics and proteomics). His focuses on (i) dissecting biological processes associated with metabolic adaptation mechanisms to stress, (ii) testing of analytical instrumentation, and (iii) the monitoring of volatile compounds for clinical and industrial applications. Furthermore, and since his arrival to the ICOBA, he has started joint projects focused on monitoring plant volatile species associated with their defense to pathogens, as well as analytical instrumentation to monitor and to perform quality control of industrial processes (e.g., bioreactors for the production of alcohol, or post-harvest contamination).

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Rosaria Orlandi

Manager of the biology and health research group at the Unit for Molecular Targets, Department of Experimental Oncology and Molecular MedicineThe following is placeholder Fondacione IRCCS Instituto Nazionale Tumori, Milano.

Orlandi is using SUPER SESI for the research of breath collected in Milar containers for the identification of cancer bio-markers. Her work is allowing us to better understand the specific requirements of this process, and it is at the back of our Off-line Replicator.