Transversal Modulation Ion
Mobility Spectrometry (TM-IMS)


Ion mobility with a continuous output of ions

  • IMS is used to analyze isomeric species. TM-IMS provides a continuous output of selected ions. In contrast with traditional Drift tube Ion Mobility Spectrometers (DT-IMS), TM-IMS is the equivalent in ion mobility to the quadrupole mass selector in ion mass. 

  • The TM-IMS technology was invented and developed by Fossil Ion Tech (FIT) co-founder Guillermo Vidal-de-Miguel. FIT holds the patent rights on this technology, and it is working on its development.

  • TM-IMS is not a mature technology yet, but its unique features make it very desirable as an add-on IMS system to be coupled with High Resolution Mass Spectrometers, which have a relatively slow time response.


Principle of operation

TM-IMS combines an axial and steady electric field, and a transversal and oscillating field. Only the ions for which the time of residence  within the TM-IMS equates with the period of the oscillating fields, are focused and outputted. By setting the frequency of the oscillating field,  the TM-IMS selects which mobility is transferred


current development

The TM-IMS was tested at the demo lab of Thermo Fisher Scientific in Bremen. It was coupled with an Orbitrap, and we were able to easily obtain IMS-MS data for several samples with unprecedented accuracy. This was a very important milestone for us, our goal is to develop and provide a reliable IMS solution for Orbitrap users.