- How to buy: -

- It is simple. Contact us and we will discuss your application with you. This step is needed to make sure that we can offer the package that best fits your needs. Based on this, we will send you an offer with a delivery, installation, training, and technical service plan, and a quotation.

Are you sketching
your research plan?

Identify whether SESI can be useful for you:
SUPER SESI is ideal for online analysis and for other applications requiring a real-time analysis of metabolites in the vapor phase. We can share our accumulated experience with you to help you evaluate whether SUPER SESI can be useful in your research or you may opt for other solutions.

Define your research methodology:
To ensure the success outcome of a research project, it is important to know what to expect and what not from the very beginning, when you are defining your new methodology.
We can help you to define your research protocols, what to expect from SUPER SESI (and what not). Research is a risky endeavor. Contact us and let us help you eliminate unnecessary risks. Be sure to get started smoothly even if you haven't used SESI before.

You can contact us be mail, telephone, or simply by filling the contact form. We normally respond within 24h.


    Do you need to prepare a
    Clinical study protocol?

    SUPER SESI is non invasive, and the results obtained with it are not for diagnosis purposes.
    A basis breath research plan aimed at the discovery of new breath biomarkers can be categorized as Clinical Study.

    In order to use SUPER SESI in this context, you will need the corresponding ethical approval to.

    • The good news is that the bureaucratic work to start a Clinical Study is much lighter than that of a Clinical trial
    • We have prepared a guideline to help you prepare the corresponding Clinical Study Protocol. Our guideline is based on the standard defined by www.clinicaltrials.gov. It includes all instrument related information that is relevant to the preparation of your 'Clinical Study protocol'. It is adapted from 42 CFR Part 11. When applicable, each section provides useful information about the instrument and the breath test procedures.

    Our goal is to help you stay focused on SCIENCE and spend more time in the lab using your SUPER SESI.

    Let's make it simple. Also, it's free ;)

    - What happens when you buy: -

    - Delivery: Upon confirmation, we prepare your order for delivery. We normally have stock for SUPER SESI and EXHALION. Delivery time for custom solutions will depend on the specifics of each development.

    Once your package is ready, we ship it to you. FIT is located in the EU. If you in a non EU country, customs may require some extra payment for importing your equipment. If a local representatives is operating in your country, the representative will handle the import, and customs.

    - Installation: Upon arrival of your equipment, a FIT's service engineer or a qualified local representative will visit your facilities to:

    • Check that the equipment is in good shape. To ensure the maximum quality, all products are scrutinized before they are packaged and sent from FIT's facilities. If a problem caused by courier mishandling is identified, the service engineer will fix it onsite, or require new parts to fix it.
    • Install the equipment in your facility and check that it operates normally.

    - Training: training is provided onsite once the installation is completed. Training includes: operation of the instrument, electrospray stability, contamination handling tips, and other questions that normally arise during training.

    - Technical support: All FIT's products are provided with full technical support for two years. This includes email, telephone, and skype support for questions and troubleshooting. In addition, if a product fails in normal operation conditions during the warranty period, FIT will repair it and provide the required replacements. In the event of a malfunction, FIT's engineer will guide the customer to perform basic tests to diagnose the problem. Once diagnosed, the equipment will be shipped back to FIT for fixing, or it will be fixed onsite, whichever solution is more convenient.

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