Real-time Dynamic Headspace Analysis
Control & Repeatability


DynaSAMPLER is designed to analyze the headspace of cell cultures, or the volatile species produced by small animals or plants in-vivo and in real time with SUPER SESI.

By passing a stream of clean air through the sample of interest, measuring the different signals, and observing their evolution over time, SUPER SESI measures circadian rhythms, metabolic responses, pharmaco-kinetic profiles, or other time dependent processes.

Knowing that the observed signal variations are attributable to changes in the metabolites produces by the sample is very important. For this, other aspects have to be considered:

  • Humidity produced by the sample: a change in the humidity produces metabolite signal variations because it changes the ionization efficiency. Humidity may vary due to changes in the wet surface temperature, its shape, or the total wet area.

  • Temperature of the sample: The volatility of the metabolites changes with the temperature. A sample temperature increase can lead to a general increase of all measured signals.

  • Cold spots in the flow-path: large metabolites condensate onto cool surfaces. Their trapping efficiency changes with the temperature.

what is dyna-sampler?

DynaSAMPLER enables dynamic headspace anlysis in-vivo and in real time.
It is a small chamber that provides a work-space with controlled environment, and provides a controlled flow of high purity air to carry the metabolites from the sample to the SUPER SESI. The work-space is easily accessible and visible.



Controlled environment

High purity environment: A continuous stream of clean gas is used to sweep the work-space .

  • Prevents contamination from aerosols or other exogenous VOCs

  • Minimizes cross contamination

Temperature: A PID controlled heating block and an internal heat exchanger ensure that the sample and the surrounding environment are at a uniform temperature.

  • Constant & uniform temperature improves reliability and repeatability

  • Flow-path without cold spots that reduces loss of low volatility species

Accessibility and Flexibility: Is compatible with standard labware to provide maximum flexibility.

  • Different experimental set-ups can be arranged for each type of sample

  • DynaSAMPLER incorporates all the required controls and the work-space in one compact unit, minimizing the required lab space

controlled gases

  • DynaSAMPLER incorporates an internal generator of clean air

  • An external supply of gas can also be used if an specific gas composition is required


CAUSAL RELATIONS identification
in REAL time & in-vivo.

Do not settle for  correlations!

The characterization and evaluation of the dynamic responses of cell metabolism under controlled stimuli (i.e. the introduction of a known stressing agent, or metabolite) facilitates the rapid inference of causal relations, which are key for understanding the metabolic machinery.

Determination of instrument background levels for breath analysis.

Determine the background levels of your instrument in online breath analysis, and keep track on potential confounding variables that could hamper the identification of true bio-markers in breath bio-marker discovery research.

Introducing a reference flow of high purity air with 36ºC Dew Point can be useful to determine the background of SUPER SESI under breath humidity conditions.This can be easily achieved with Dyna-SMPLER.