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off-line breath analysis.

Bringing subjects to the lab is not always possible.
For these situations, we introduce our
bag sampling and desampling system.

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DESIGNED to minimize confounding factors


Some strategies to minimize the impact of confounding variables:

  • use inert materials

  • ensure that all samples are stored and analyzed in the same conditions

  • minimize the chemical interaction between the sample and the sampling system

  • minimize handling

  • minimize the storage time. 

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Keeping breath samples as intact as possible is important to reduce the chances of accidentally introducing contaminants and confounding variables that could be potentially misinterpreted as bio-markers. On-line breath analysis provides the most direct method of collecting the data, but not all patients can walk to the lab and consciously exhale into SUPER SESI.


For these situations, we introduce our off-line analysis solution

  • Breath is collected in a low-out-gassing inert material bag with minimal chemical interaction. Absorption desorption dependence is avoided.

  • The bag is rapidly stored in a portable DESAMPLER, where it is kept at a constant temperature, with no moisture losses and the DESAMPLER is brought to the lab

  • The DESAMPLER is coupled with SUPER SESI, and the content of the bag is analyzed. DESAMPLER introduces the sample in SUPER SESI as if the subjects were directly exhaling in the SUPER SESI, so that data collected off-line is be compatible with data collected on-line.


For best repeatability,


Breath metabolites stored for long periods of time tend to degrade.

For this reason, bags should not be used as a method to store breath samples for more than 24h. Once a breath sample is collected in a bag, we strongly recommend to analyze its content as soon as possible.

  • Air analysis of newborn incubators

  • Breath analysis of assisted respiration patients

  • Breath analysis of intensive care unit patients

  • Remote analysis

  • When bringing patients to the lab is not an option


DESAMPLER key features:

  • Bag clamping system

  • Temperature control

  • pressure control