FIT’s scientific poster at ASMS Atlanta

We recently earned the opportunity to hold our booth and present a Scientific Poster at #ASMS.

Thanks to our collaborations with University of Basel researchers, we have designed standardization procedures and analyzed variability sources in breath analysis with SUPER SESI™ -Exhalion™-Q-Extractive plus™ from Thermo interface. An average exhalation results in around 8000 identifiable MS peaks, so that appropriate analysis becomes crucial when dealing with breath data to draw reliable correlations. In our collaboration from intra and intersubject variability to exhalation maneuver or flow rates have been characterized and standardized to minimize confounding variables and statistical risks.

After studying this factors we proposed an tested a series of procedures to ensure variability is due to subject to subject variability:

  • Eliminate sample handling (on-line analysis with SUPER-SESI™)

  • Guide the exhalation maneuver (Exhalion™)

  • Separate alveolar fraction (correlating with CO2 values provided by Exhalion™)

  • Restrict the number of peaks studied

  • Reach steady state after changing breathing pattern.

We have worked in SESI-MS for 10 years now, if you would like to know more about how our core solution SUPER SESI works or breath analysis, contact us to ask any questions.