Check FIT's Corporate Poster presented at ASMS, showing some key features of our new Secondary Electro-Spray Ionization (SESI).

Super SESI ionizes low volatility species in the gas phase to enable the real-time, noninvasive analysis of biologically relevant molecules.

Super SESI consists of a nanoelectrospray producing a cloud of charging ions at atmospheric pressure, which are mixed with the gas carrying the analytes of interest.

Our team has been working in SESI since 2008, and our sources have been carefully designed to ease the work of researchers.

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Our technical improvements allow our customers to apply SESI to different fields related to the metabolomics field: 

      • in vivo metabolomics of animals, plants, or cell cultures

      • non invasive drug monitoring, pharmacokinetics studies

      • real time breath analysis, as well as off-line analysis

      • High throughput biomarker discovery