FIT team at ASMS - Atlanta presenting SUPER SESI: a window to in-vivo metabolomics

We take the opportunity to thank Chris Radloff (SCIEX) for joining us in our first year as expositors at the ASMS conference.
Chris: your advice and expertise is very valuable for us. Many thanks for joining us in this adventure!


Visit us at Booth 704, and discover what SUPER SESI and we can do for you!

Secondary Electro-Spray Ionization coupled with High Resolution MS (SESI-HRMS)

  • Analyze VOCs naturally produced by living organisms in a non invasive way,

  • Monitor the time evolution of your metabolites,

  • Increase the throughput of your analysis

If you are working in metabolomics, pharmacokinetics, biomarker identification, VOC analysis, or other related topic, we would like to invite you to our booth and discuss about how we can help or cooperate with you.

SUPER SESI-EXHALION-Orbitrap P_v3MMS 2019 05 22.png