Figshare: make all your research data count


Everyone knows that researching is not an easy task and generates a huge amount of data. However, despite being valuable not all the data resulting from our researches finally come into existence because it is not included in a published and printed poster, paper, article…

Fortunately, the digitalization era has arrived for all fields, included science, changing the way we communicate and share content. As a result, there are more and more tools to make ouputs and scientific information more accessible and shareable with electronic publishing.

These tools and help the scientific and research community to have a greater impact and to know what scientists and researchers do worldwide, to learn and not to repeat what others have previously done without success. That is to use the web to better disseminate the scientific content.

This is exactly what Mark Hahnel may thought when he founded Figshare in 2011.

Today researchers disseminate their results through academic papers, a format that has barely evolved in centuries. Researchers create a vast amount of data in various formats but are forced to share their results through pdfs, static documents with limited functionality. They also deserve to get credit for the bulk of their work that currently goes unpublished.
— Mark Hahnel Figshare Founder (Digital Science)


Figshare is an online digital repository where researchers can preserve and and make all of their their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner. This ouputs iinclude figures, datasets, images, and videos.

Researchers can share data privately with the collaborators they choose or made public in the name of open research or to comply with funder and publisher mandates. Figshare ensures that All research outputs made public receive a DOI making them citable with the most liberal Creative Commons license where possible.


If they want to store material and data from their research in the cloud privately there is a limit of 1 gb extendable by a monthly fee. For public content, however, the space is unlimited. Otherwise, with the paid version you will be able to upload larger files and share the data with collaborators of your research in private.

You can publish all kinds of files, including negative results and code. Figshare features integration with ORCID, Symplectic Elements, can import items from Github, and is a source tracked by

You can learn more about the story of Figshare and Mark Hannel by watching the video below.

Researchers need this kind of tools once they have conducted their investigation. But during the process and to stay focused on their research they need to have the best engineering partners for instrumentation.

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