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Translating SESI-HRMS to the clinical enviroment

We have standarized a methodology for online breath analysis  in a clinical context using SESI-MS (Secondary Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometery). In this publication we discuss concrete aspects such as sample integrity, compund identification, quantification and validation.

 Featured Patent

Method of detecting COPD by mass spectrometry

An external clinical research group has developed a method and a computer-controlled medical diagnosis system that allows to determinate wether an individual suffers from COPD and AECOPD by analysis of the exhaled VOC's of an individual, using multiple, newly-found biomarkers.

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SUPER SESI is the result of the last two years of research and product development, and several years of previous research. Our goal is to serve clinical research community, so that large metabolites with low volatility can be routinely detected and analyzed in real time. SUPER SESI is built to enable online ionization of low volatility metabolites. Thanks to its ionization efficiency, SUPER SESI meets the requirements that make exhaled volatile organic carbon compunds analysis a reality today.


ARIADNE is a free, post-processing service designed for SUPER SESI users. It provides an intelligent analysis of the spectra, builds a history record, identifies suspicious trends and automatically monitors the background levels. The ultimate goal of ARIADNE is to clear the path so that you can concentrate on the most complex aspects of breath experimentation, such as compund identification, pattern recognition and biomarker discovery.