background monitoring

Background contamination and memory effects define the Limits of Detection of the lowest volatility species that can be detected.

  • Background contamination can lead to confounded results
  • Intense contamination can cause charge competition effects, having a negative impact on ionization efficiency

Knowing when SUPER SESI requires to be cleaned is important to consistently obtain high quality data.

  • This requires to constantly monitor the background levels
  • Manually monitoring the background is impossible because each measurement provides thousands of different species
Variation monitoring + Suspicious monitoring v2.png

What is ariadne?

ARIADNE is a post-processing service specifically designed for SUPER SESI data. It provides an intelligent analysis of the data, and automatically monitors the background levels.

  • You upload the raw data of a breath acquisition
  • Ariadne returns an intelligent analysis of your data
  • It builds a history record and identifies suspicious trends

ARIADNe keeps an eye on the background
so that you can concentrate on biomarkers

Put ARIADNe to work for you

ARIADNE is free for SUPER SESI users


Create an ARIADNE account

If you have an ARIADNE account

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- Automatic Peak & exhalation identification  -

Peak identification.png

High resolution MS generate non-structured data. As a result, peaks cannot be directly identified and assigned. Which means that spectra from different acquisitions are not directly comparable.

  • ARIADNE identifies the peaks in the spectra
  • Compares your new data with your previously uploaded data

ARIADNE builds a coherent set of peaks, allowing for the data in different acquisitions to be compared.

Exhalation detection.png

ARIADNE analyzes the time evolution of the data and automatically identifies the following categories:

  • Background
  • Exhalation
  • Errors & Outliers

Errors can occur if an exhalation is not properly executed, the instrument is not properly handled, or if the electrospray is unstable.
ARIADNE discards errors and analyzes only well defined background and exhalations.


- NumBer of species detected, statistical evaluation -

Number of species - historical evolution v2.png
Comparative histogram breath and background v2.png

For each acquisition, ARIADNE displays a statistical analysis of the No. of signals that are detected

  • In breath
  • In the background
  • And the averaged values for previous experiments

This provides a very rapid visual clue on the quality of the data. Any abnormal result can be rapidly spotted.

This enables you to quickly identify if a disperse population of contaminants has been accumulating inside SUPER SESI.


- suspicious signal identification and tracking -

Variation monitoring + Suspicious monitoring v2.png

For every experiment uploaded, ARIADNE updates the historical evolution of the number of species detected in the background and in breath, and how the signal intensity variation deviates from the variance.

  • Species deviating more than expected are flagged as suspicious
  • The signal evolution for suspicious species is monitored and plotted

This enables you to quickly spot contamination events caused by a dominant single contaminant. Molecular mass allows you to identify the source of contamination and take corrective measures.


- signal Intensity threshold optimization -


Minimum signal thresholds are used to differentiate legit signals produced by the sample from the internal noise of the analyzer. Signals are discarded below the threshold, and considered as legit above the threshold.
Defining this threshold properly is very important.

  • Too high, and breath signals will be lost
  • Too low, and noise will be wrongly regarded as breath

ARIADNE analyzes the statistical trends of the data. Instrument noise produces a distinctive pattern that can be differentiated from breath. Based on this, ARIADNE enables you to fine tune your thresholds so that you can extract more valuable information from your data.

Number of detected species v2 ARIADNE breath analysis.png


Your data is very important

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The security of your data is one of our top priorities.

  • To protect it from virtual or physical theft, your data is encrypted
  • To protect it from a disk failure or a malware attack, ARIADNE storage system is fully redundant

How to use ARIADNE


1. Log in to ARIADNE

2. Upload raw dataARIADNE processes data after 24h


3. Browse and download processed data in Results

4. Browse and download graphic information in Quickview