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“FIT is an engineering firm at the service of scientists.
We are experts in Secondary Electrospray Ionization (SESI) since 2008.
SUPER SESI is the result of several years of research and product development, and we are proud to bring it to the scientific community”


If you are a scientist, medical doctor, or a researcher in the biotech and biomedical fields, we are committed to servicing you.

  • PERFORMANCE WITH QUALITY: We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For this, our research efforts are focused on continuously improving the performance and the quality of our products.

  • AGILITY: We are opening a new field of research, and our customers are barely starting to explore it. We are open to engaging in new endeavors with researchers who want to expand the applications of the technology.

  • TALENT of the individuals AND TEAM SPIRIT: We are in the boundary between engineering and biotechnology. To develop our team, we encourage our team members to flourish and develop their talents in a collaborative workplace with well-defined goals

We make sure that our products work
so that you can focus on your research