We are experts in SESI ionization. Since 2008, we have accumulated several years of experience in the development of industrial, security, and biomedical applications of SESI for research purposes.

Our technical team was part of the ETH-Zurich and developed a pre-commercial SESI source, which provided record ionization efficiency, enabling previously impossible studies.

Our core technology, called SUPER SESI, is the result of the last two years of research and product development.


  • FIT was founded in 2016 to develop and commercialize SESI and IMS systems to expand the applicability of mass spectrometry in the clinical arena.

  • Our goal is to serve the breath research community, so that large metabolites with low volatility can be routinely detected and analyzed in real time.

  • We aim to be recognized as a leading biotech company in the fields of non-invasive breath analysis, and real-time metabolomics.

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  • Team spirit: Our main value is the team. We believe that working together is the best way to achieve common objectives.

  • Commitment: We feel a great respect for scientists, medical doctors and researchers and for the biotechnical and biomedical field and our commitment is to help them as much as they need, so they can focus on their research.

  • Improvement: We are never satisfied. We always one more and better development, that is why we follow a continuous improvement philosophy.


the FIT team

FIT is a group of motivated and talented aerospace engineers, scientists, biochemistry enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to make a significant contribution to science and technology.

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Guillermo Vidal-de-Miguel

Co-founder & CEO

PhD in Fluid Mechanics and Analytical Instrumentation. 12 patents in SESI, IMS, and MS. Worked for the Eurofighter program before joining the group of Mech. Engineering at Yale U. (USA). There, he learned about breath research. GVM was Head of the R&D team at SEADM to develop an explosives detector, and worked in close collaboration with Thermo Fisher R&D team on the development of IMS-MS. In 2014, he joined the Org. Chem. Department at ETH-Z to develop a SESI for breath research. This was the seed of SUPER SESI.


Paula Crespo

Marketing Coordinator

Inbound Marketing and scientific communication specialist, PCG is a versatile professional with +10 years of experience. She has developed her career in different companies from multinational firms to agencies, media and technological startups. Gifted with a special ability for social relations, she has brought new ideas for FIT’s Marketing and Sales department. She is hard-working, optimistic, and adapts very quickly to changes, so she is a good option for any working team.

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Miriam Macia

Co-founder & COO

Aerospace Engineer. After completing her studies, MMS joined the group of Mech. Engineering at Yale U. She gained experience in SESI, IMS & MS (two patents). During her stay in the Organic Chemistry Department at ETH-Z, MMS gained experience on analytical technologies as viewed from the perspective of the users. MMS keeps the entire team with one foot on the ground, always making sure that, regardless of the novelty, everything meets the highest standards of quality.

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Gabriel Jaumà

R&D Engineer

Aerospace Engineer, and graphical artist in his spare time. GJG joined FIT to develop a SUPER SESI optimized for Sciex’s MS. With an impeccable academic record, GJG became a key member of the team. GJG chose FIT in his search of an opportunity to develop his skills and to do meaningful work with a positive impact. Right after completing his graduate degree, his thesis was selected for an oral presentation at the VIII Congress of the Spanish Society for Mass Spectrometry

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Santiago de Santa Catalina

R&D Engineer

Aerospace Engineer, and former Scout coordinator. SSC joined FIT to develop new sampling interfaces for SUPER SESI applications. SSC was looking for a challenging professional environment. He is bright and hard working, and he has proved that he is eager put what it takes to push a company like FIT forward. We anticipate a brilliant future for him.



Work hard, Play hard

We chose to locate FIT in Malaga because it provides:

  • A wonderful environment

  • Very high quality of life

  • First class infrastructure

Everyone at FIT knows that only putting the best of ourselves we can succeed in our goals. Enjoying a nice weekend in the beach is the best way to fully reload energies and face each workday with enthusiasm.

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We are looking for talented individuals with a sense of meaning and adventure. If you are an audacious professional. If you find solutions and opportunities where others see problems. If you are willing to chase new opportunities, work in a meaningful project, and enjoy technological and life experiences, send us your CV.

We can offer:

  • Competitive salary

  • Career opportunity at a growing company

  • Pet-friendly and outstanding work environment

  • All the coffee and tea that you can have